Master Jim - Head Judge

Master Jim, International Master 2001, is a leatherman who has been involved in the SM/Leather community almost 35 years.  During that time, he has presented seminars and weekend programs on Master/slave relationships across the U.S. and Canada.  Master Jim is one of the owners of South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave weekend (www.southplainsleatherfest.com) held in Dallas each year and is a co-owner of the International Master/slave title contest held at South Plains.

Master Jim identifies sexually as a gay leatherman; however, he is comfortable being served by persons of any gender or sexual orientation.  Currently, he is the owner of a biological female slave, slave marsha, who has been in service to him for almost 20 years.  Master Jim, slave marsha, and slave marsha’s mate, Cougar, live together as a leather family. Master Jim also has a Sir/ boy relationship with boy alex from Toronto and he has Keith aka “Beast “as his man in service.

Master Jim and slave marsha were recipients of the Jack Stice Memorial Award in 2006 and the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award in 2011. Master Jim received the 2004 Southwest Leather Conference Leadership Award and the 2012 Pantheon award for the South Central Region in 2012.

boy Giant - Judge

boy Giant is your International Mr. Leather Bear and is spending his year sharing the history of Leather and growing in his role in the community. In February, he will be stepping aside as Mr. Dallas Leather Bear 2017 as a new titleholder is awarded their sash. He lives in Carrollton and enjoys antique stores, museums and eating, lots and lots of eating.

 Señor Jaime - Judge

Señor Jaime is a musician, coach, writer, licensed mental health practitioner and lifelong learner with over 19 years of experience in flesh-and- blood SM and leather communities; over 30 years of Buddhist practice; and over 50 years of experience as a human being. He is a native of Austin, Texas and has presented and taught internationally on SM, M/s, erotic hypnosis, and leather topics at a variety of conferences and private events.

A firm and joyful advocate for service to and empowerment of individuals, couples and community in their exploration of alternative sexuality and lifestyles, he has served as an officer and leader of various local groups and events. He currently runs a small community space, The WhatKnot, with his slave V, hosting monthly rope bondage peer meetings, and is the current director for MAsT Austin. He is a patched member of Hill Country LeatherFolk and also a proud member of the Sankofa Leather Tribe.

slave beth- Judge

slave beth is an educator and a member of the Dallas Leather community. She is honored to have been a Co-Director for NLA-Dallas’ annual social and educational conference, Beyond Vanilla, for 3 years. She was also member of the NLA Dallas Domestic Violence Education Committee that developed an education program for Domestic Violence call centers on how to help people who practice BDSM. She is a mentor and administrator for the Dallas sub Mentors Program, and the Training Manager for Team Friendly DFW, a volunteer organization whose mission it is to destigmatize HIV. She is also an active member of MAsT Dallas, the Trinity River Bears, and the Texas Council of Clubs. She is a tea aficionado, having mastered the second level of training towards becoming a Certified Tea Specialist. She loves her corgi-dog, and is proudly in service to Master Justin and the Knowlton Leather Household. slave beth is honored to be a judge for Texas Leather Productions and wishes all the contestants the very best!

Mera Tucker- Judge

These days, I am known way more for cookies than for Leather, I think.  What most people don’t know or realize is that it all began with Leather and since I am a Leatherwoman, it is still all about Leather today.

I came to Dallas as MS South Plains Leather in 2004 during my title year.  I was fairly new to Leather, certainly new to the Dallas Leather Community, and I was enthusiastic and ready to make Dallas my home.  I couldn’t always afford to donate to a contest, show, or basket auction in those days so, my always fabulous Daddy, Jimmie Tucker, suggested we bake Surly Bitch Cookies and donate them.  She proceeded to tell me the story of Surly Bitches and how they are as Leather as Leather can be…

They weren’t new to the Dallas Leather Community either. MS Twisted, who now lives in Austin, introduced them at NLA Meetings way before I came along.  She had a copy of The Doomed Rabbit Cookbook from the Portland Leather Community. In it was the recipe for Surly Bitches and she decided to try them, loved them, and began to make them for the gay boys. The recipe was donated to the community cookbook by a lesbian Comedic Duo who said they stole it from two bitches in Texas.

How perfect!  And so it began…

That was thirteen years ago and Jimmie and I say, “These two bitches stole it back!” and we have made and donated thousands of Surlies to every dang group in town!  We’ve also become Mom and Pop to lots of young Leatherdykes on their own Leather Journeys.  The Tucker Inn St Andrew’s Cross and “Freak Bench” have seen lots of action in those years and are still ready for action at any ole time… However, my favorite kink is still today, spanking. When Daddy puts on those leather gloves, well… I don’t need a cross or a bench, I’m ready… any ole where…

I have always been active in our Leather Community and I got terribly interested in the MS Texas Leather Contest at the start and I’ve been involved with it in one way or another from the beginning. In 2016 I decided to shut up and put up and ran for the title.  Jimmie and I have always done everything together but the day of the contest, Jimmie got food poisoning and couldn’t be there at all! I was worried to death since I had never seen her so sick but; the “Fam” came together and got her to the ER and me to the bar.  It was a surreal night and I only remember standing beside the stage at the end in a super simple white and black leather dress (my wedding dress) and killer boots, as my Formal Leather wear, waiting to hear who had won…  I gained a really great Sash Husband that night and it will always be my honor to be a MS Texas Leather Ambassador!

Sadly, I am the last MS South Plains Leather. I do not want there to be last MS Texas Leather… It’s the first time we have had a Texas women’s Leather Contest that has endured for more than a year or two and I would love to see ours last for years! It would be HUGE for our women’s Leather Community! We need it!  We need female ambassadors for our Texas Leather Community! We need reasons to come together! MS Texas Leather has a responsibility to bring us together during her title year and I can’t wait each year to see how she does that.  We each bring different gifts to the title and can each “do” our year the way it best fits us.

I would so love to see more women interested in making their stamp on the Leather Community more visible.  Being a Titleholder is just one more way to serve your community in a capacity that has the ability to attract others.  I am the fifth MS Texas Leather and I truly have a heart for this contest. My job now and in the future, is to bring interested Leather women into the fold… and I will faithfully try to do just that.  Oh… and cookies.


Eddie Sherbert - Judge

From Dallas, Eddie was honored to have held dual titles as The 20th Anniversary Mr. Texas Leather 2016 and represented the oldest gay bar in Dallas as Mr. Hidden Door 2016. He is an active member of the United Court of The Lone Star Empire in Dallas.

Being active in the LGBT Community for over 30 years is a passion where he has participated in fundraising, volunteering and assisting in many capacities.  Eddie has been involved in various organizations, clubs and events including both The Great Plains Rodeo Association and The International Gay Rodeo Association; United Court of the Lone Star Empire; Leather Knights; Fire Dancers; Dallas Gay Pride Festival and The American Airlines Wings Foundation.

He has set on numerous advisory boards, maintains membership in many worthwhile organizations and has served on judging panels for global events.  He has been honored with prestigious awards for his dedication, commitments and talents.

Eddie believes in the advocacy of promoting the continuation of learning, sharing, educating, honoring and working together in order to keep the rich leather history alive.  His motto is, “I know that working to move forward is important, equally important of acknowledging the respect of where we’ve been.”

Being a 27 year international flight attendant has enabled him the freedom to visit several countries witnessing many cultures.  It enlightened and educated some key issues that he would not have otherwise been exposed to while providing a broader prospective in diversity.  Traveling and its experiences are the basis of his book entitled, “My Life Between The Lavatories.”

Eddie discovered leather at an early age with the smell and feel of his saddle on his horse.  Too young to realize the power of leather at the time, someday it would be an important part of his life.  And now for him, it has evolved into a lifestyle of leather, kink and its culture.  He flags left with air force blue, leopard and yellow.

When not in gear, he enjoys spending quality and kinky time with his husband, traveling, flying kites and hitting the gym.

girl kaos- Judge

girl kaos has been a part of the Leather and kink communities in Austin and San Antonio since

2011 and is the leader and owner of the Alamo City girls of Leather. She and her Daddy, Ritz

Kracker, have enjoyed sharing their love for kink and education all across Texas for the last four

years, along with co-producing Mr. and Ms. Alamo City Leather/bootblack 2017, assisting with

production of Mr. Sister Leather San Antonio 2017, and several other small educational

weekends in the Austin and San Antonio area. In her free time, girl kaos enjoys spending time

with her friends and Daddy, volunteering at the local homeless shelters, and cuddling her pug

and miniature pig.

Daddy Steph - Judge

Daddy Steph is a proud Leather Butch Dyke.  She has been active in the local community for the past 6+ years.  She serves her community through membership in NLA-Dallas, she sits on the BV committee, is also on staff for IMsL and WILL. She also volunteers for many events as well as supporting and encouraging the community service of those that serve her.  She identifies as a Female Leather Daddy and has no preference on pronouns in conversation but the answer better be "Yes Sir" in a scene.  Her passions include the spectrum of impact and edge play and she is always on the hunt for her next new gadget.  She values education from both sides of the coin.  She has been mentor and shared her skills, knowledge and experience in the Dallas Mentors Program as well as private demos on various topics.  Educational opportunities can be found everywhere...she thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, exchanging ideas and if the stars align, she loves co-topping because there is always something to learn from a good hands-on experience.

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